If your a gmail user, you should seriously consider changing your password. Network security experts CSIS Security Group, a Danish company offering cybercrime intelligence to law enforcement agencies have reported that some password combinations have been spotted in Russian cybercrime forums. The database that has been published reportedly contains just over 5 million google accounts from English, Russian and Spanish user.

This news clearly illustrates how network and internet security is now a major headache for consumers and businesses alike and it is something we would urge everyone to take note of. Ultimately this will force google and others to look at implementing things like multi factor authentication systems and make everyone’s digital lives just a little more burdensome.

Our advice is to change your password immediately and choose a strong password combination, we would advise at least 12 characters and use something that isnt easily guessed. For any help or advice please don’t hesitate to get in touch 01642 792567.