High Availability Key Facts

  • Minimise system downtime for maximum productivity
  • Create a true 24/7 operational business environment
  • Mirroring and clustering of core infrastructure components
  • Replicate your entire infrastructure to our cloud data centre
  • Ensure your servers and applications never let you down
  • High availability of applications is crucial for businesses. So how can you protect yourself against downtime and ensure complete data protection with 24/7 high availability?

YC Business Solutions is highly skilled and experienced in helping businesses to reach that ‘always-on’ utopia. We deploy solutions that maximise up-time and help deliver complete system reliability, including real-time data replication, real time application replication of Microsoft Exchchange, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SQL Server, Linux Servers, IIS Servers among other applications and servvice – a much more efficient use of computing and bandwidth resources; and failover, which is the capability to set your servers or network to switch over automatically to a second server or network in the event of its failure or abnormal termination.

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