IT Security Key Facts

  • Creating integrated IT security solutions to protect your business
  • Unified Threat Management giving enterprise-class IT security
  • Scalable IT security solutions that maximise your IT investment
  • Defend against attack and disruption & protect privacy


It SecurityThe IT Security threat landscape is every changing, gone are the days when a basic NAT or even stateful firewall was sufficient to protect your network from attack. Recognising this changing threat YC Business Solutions adopted a policy of only providing deep packet inspection security solutions over 5 years ago in order to better protect our clients against attacks on networks – and indeed the applications which reside on them. Most of these attacks have become automated and seek to exploit vulnerabilities in network configurations, application backdoors and human behaviour. Security is not a one off fix, it’s an evolving process and as such, a business’ ability to manage the variety of attacks will depend on the physical and financial resources available to them.

IT Security to protect your business…

To this end, YC Business Solutions partner with both Sonicwall and Cisco (ASA) in solving the security conundrum. Both vendors consolidate multiple threat management technologies into one device and one management solution, helping businesses reduce cost, simplify management and maintain the highest level of security available to them.

Unified Threat Management (UTM) the way forward…

UTM is the term used to describe firewalls that have multiple features in a single device, such as anti spam/virus filtering, an intrusion detection (or prevention) system, and Web content filtering, along with the traditional activities of a firewall. Sonicwall and Cisco both offer UTM bundles with their products which is why YC Business Solutions always recommend these solutions.

Why use UTM???

UTM bundles consolidate multiple applications into one common platform, so rather than have 5 different servers/devices for each of these features a single firewall with a UTM bundle will suffice. For SME Businesses UTM solutions are easier to implement, manage and more cost effective.