Outsourced IT Support

In the modern world of business, there is a steady but consistent move from companies employing permanent employees to carry out critical roles within the business to outsourcing such roles to third-party contractors or agencies. Within business, the type of roles that are outsourced could be anything from catering, cleaning, and maintenance through to human resources, marketing, and IT support.

With our outsourced IT support services, huge savings will be delivered to your company plus a new degree of flexibility can be achieved in business operations. At YC Business Solutions, we understand that IT support is one service that is imperative to most businesses as many rely heavily on IT services for the day-to-day functions. Previously companies employed their own in-house IT teams, but today, more and more organizations are realizing the great benefits of outsourced IT support.

Key Facts About Our Outsourced IT Support

  • Virtual IT Department to manage & monitor your network
  • Instant access to your dedicated IT Support helpdesk team
  • Fully inclusive contracts covering site visits and complete support
  • Regular site visits for routine systems maintenance and support
  • Monthly system performance reports
  • Warranty management for all equipment

Learn How We Can Help your Business Succeed with Outsourced IT Support

With our outsourced IT support, you will save cost since there wouldn’t be a need to employ specific IT technicians for your business. Instead of you to pay for the technicians’ wages, pension contribution, national insurance contribution, as well as the wages for sick leave and holidays among some other costs, our outsourced IT support carries a single cost for the service. Basically, with outsourced IT support the business will no longer have the monthly outlay related to permanent employees just the cost of the help whenever required.

Whether you feel your organization isn’t large enough for your own internal IT department, or you just want to take away the headache of managing your IT infrastructure, our outsourced IT support package which includes the following services will suit your needs.

  • Managing your system resolving faults before they impact the business

We can deploy our network management software to provide us with a real time analysis of the performance of your systems. It will also alert us to any potential issues before they arise. Our software monitors all networked devices, including servers, PCs, printers, routers, switches, firewalls and all server-based software.

  • Direct access to our own virtual IT Support helpdesk

All users have direct access to our IT Support helpdesk, which is staffed by Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs).

  • Remote support providing rapid resolution of user’s issues

Not only are we able to take control of users PCs but we are also able to perform routine tasks such as changing the registry settings, restarting services, manage print queues without disturbing the user. We have the ability to remotely control your PC/Laptop, no matter whether you are connected to the corporate network or working from home.

  • Onsite support without any additional charges

We are aware that some support problems can’t be resolved remotely, and an onsite visit may be required, but unlike our competitors, there are no additional charges or travel costs for engineer call outs. All support, be it onsite, telephone and remote, is included within your fixed monthly fee.

  • Management meetings to define your IT strategy

As your ‘virtual’ IT department it is imperative that we fully understand your business needs, so we incorporate regular site visits with your technical account manager and business account manager to ensure your systems are managed well and your IT strategy is defined, and a roadmap implemented.

YC Outsourced IT Support is a Smart Solution for Your Business

You will enjoy the flexibility provided through our outsourced IT support. We will allocate more of our staff to your company when an event arises that needs instant attention and additional support.

In addition to delivering huge costs savings and promoting high levels of flexibility within IT support, our outsourced IT support delivers high levels of knowledge and expertise accumulated by a specialist contractor over a period. This knowledge and expertise isn’t limited to the client company but may have been acquired through the support of much companies and organizations with skills in dealing with many a varied situation. Utilizing our outsourced IT support is certainly the smart approach to IT support, delivering these advantages and many more.

We offer a wide range of managed IT support packages and pay as you go services for all sizes of business and all levels of technical expertise, including support for in-house IT Teams.