Act! is celebrating 25 years as the worlds leading contact management application. It has earned its place at the heart of the small business community in that time and has helped countless sales teams manage contacts and better track interaction with clients, suppliers and partner companies. Act provides a 360-degree view of all your customers and their interactions, while remaining easy to use it allows teams to better communicate and build more profitable relationships.

Why Choose Act!

Act! is the number 1 best-selling Contact & Customer Manager. Trusted by individuals, small businesses and sales teams throughout the world, Act! will get you organised, take the guesswork out of marketing, make it easier to effectively communicate with your clients and help drive sales so you can grow your business.

Act! very quickly becomes your business ‘command center,’ giving you a 360-degree view of your customers so you communicate with your client base more effectively and are better able to track, view and report on these interactions. With Act! you can seamlessly interact with the business and social tools you rely on – like Office, Outlook®, Google, Twitter®, Facebook®, and LinkedIn.

Plus you can integrate full emarketing services1 to take the guesswork out of when, where, and how to engage with prospects and customers – you never need to leave Act!.

Marketing becomes Selling

Integrated emarketing services enable you to easily segment your prospects and customers, then design, send and track professional, eye-catching email campaigns that reach the right customers with the right message. Call lists automatically recommend hot leads to follow up with to generate sales.

Being prepared, better informed and organised helps your team to engage with your clients more effectively and turn more conversations into orders and done business. With Act! you are better prepared for every interaction with your customers and your team have a transparent view of all interactions, both in the office and on popular mobile devices, but automated processes within Act! will help to ensure you have more time to focus on providing a unique customer experience and growing your business.

Act Still number one

Act! is the number 1 best-selling Contact & Customer Manager that has been trusted by organisations and teams for the last 25 years. As it’s purpose-built to meet your unique, evolving needs Act! helps to organise all of your prospect and customer details in one place and market your products and services more effectively, driving sales results to help grow your business.

Affordable and easy to use, Act! is the trusted choice for individuals, small businesses and sales teams looking for a simple solution that fits perfectly between the chaos of post-it notes and spreadsheets, and the expense and complexity of CRM systems.

Act on the move

Act! V16 allows you to mobilise your  workforce, your team can gain access from their mobile phone, tablet or via web browser*

Make Act work even harder

YC Business Solutions has been providing Act to our clients for over 15 years, our experienced team can help you customise your Act installation to further increase its efficiency for your team and with Act V16 we are able to help you achieve even more.

For more information on how Act! can help you transform your client interactions contact us to arrange a demo.

*Act Premium for Web Required.