YC Engineers First to be trained on Univerge 3C

NEC Univerge 3CYC Business solutions engineers were among the first technicians to be trained on NEC’s groundbreaking unified communications platform Univerge 3C. This makes them one of three companies in the UK able to install and support this complete business communications platform.

Managing Director Paul Alsop said “The NEC Univerge 3C platform allows us to provide a multi-site communications solution that is fully integrated into a clients IT infrastructure, this compliments our exiting range of VOIP and fixed line solutions but also takes us into potentially new market places. With this system we can provide for a client with as few as 2 or 3 users, but the system easily scales out to tens of thousands of users and is currently in use by the Italian Military and a number of US Govt institutions.

What separates it from much of the competition is the relative ease with which we can scale this solution and add redundancy, out of the box we are able to deploy the solution to multiple servers if need be across multiple sites at no additional licensing cost, this is unique. It is entirely feasible for even smaller organisations to have an on premise solution and locate a hot DR communications solution within a data centre to cater for disaster and is certainly something we will provide as an option.

At present we are able to offer some fantastic pricing on this solution as NEC have some special UK pricing for the next 2 months, we are looking to talk to organisations throughout the UK to arrange demos and discuss how Univerge 3C can increase efficiency  increase productivity and reduce costs within the organisation”

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